Principal's message

Opus One Music prides itself in its unique music curriculum. It is creative, fun, challenging, and through the years, it has proven to be extremely effective— producing results that often surprise students themselves! Furthermore, we teach music in a way that stimulates the brain and sparks the spirit of learning. We have witnessed so many of our students of all ages achieving amazing outcomes not only in music, but in other aspects of their lives as well. With an effective teaching method and dedicated teachers, I am confident that Opus One Music is the place for you or your children to learn music in the most effective way.

When I first started teaching music, I was like every other ordinary music teacher. I would point at the music score, draw my students' attention to the tiny black dots sitting on the 5 ledger lines, and say "this is c, d, e, f...." and so on. Then I would point at the keyboard and corresponding note. People who have learnt music would be able to identify with this painstakingly slow process of score-reading, which so often is the main reason for why students lose patience and give up learning the instrument altogether when pieces become more complex. It is such a pity.

However in year 2000, I discovered a music curriculum in Germany called “Snowman’s Dream”. I was shocked by how the curriculum made music learning fun and easy—playing an instrument is no longer a difficult and tedious process and most crucially, it is not exclusive to those who have the “talent”. When Opus One Music implemented the curriculum, I knew immediately that this curriculum would help so many students to unleash their full potential in music. The curriculum uses story-telling, imagination and logic to enable students to unlock the hidden mysteries of learning music and experience for themselves the joy of learning music. Within a short period of time, my teachers and I saw a significant improvement in the speed of learning by our students and many of them can hardly believe how easy learning music can be!

With such a positive response, Opus One Music organises many music concerts in concert halls to allow our students to showcase their talent and share their music with others. Above that, we are well equipped to prepare students to take music examinations.

All in all, Opus One Music is proud to say that we have helped our students overcome the stigma of learning music and we in turn are constantly inspired by the promising progress of all our students. Come join us or visit us to find out more for yourself!