As the name “Snowman” suggests, this curriculum is not your conventional teaching method. This course takes a completely different approach to learning the piano. The course is designed to develop network thinking, enhancing the link between the five essential elements which form our intelligence: the left brain, the right brain, the cerebellum, the bone marrow and the nervous system.

The course enables students to learn and develop their network thinking abilities in a conducive and enjoyable environment. Our teachers are specially trained to use this method and by applying this method, they are able to stimulate the students’ minds and challenge them to reach their fullest potential. Snowman Piano Course also focuses on other important skills such as sight reading, technique and even memory. As you can see, the benefits of this course is not limited to music but to other aspects of the students’ lives as well!

This course is suitable for learners of all ages, from absolute beginners (aged 4) to adults to concert pianists.